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Tesseract Browser Independent Service Management Software

Tesseract Service Centre Product Functionality

Customer Assets
Total management of Multiple Customer Installations.
Call Control
Powerful call handling system.
Repair Centre
Controlled job reporting for single or multiple workshops.
Parts Centre
Multi-location inventory and stock control system.
Quote Centre
Prepare quotes that convert to a contract when the quote is accepted.
Remote Engineer Access
Full information flow directly between engineers and Service Centre.
Invoicing Module
Invoice from contract maintenance charges and billable calls.
Meter Billing
Fully integrated meter Tesseractcollection and invoicing.
Prospect Centre
Powerful sales enquiry and action follow-up system.

Product Features

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KPS Knowledge Powered Solutions

Instantaneous (API)
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Service Driven
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Email Service
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Reporting Service
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Subscription Service
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Diary Assist
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Case studies in your industry sector

Office Equipment
and Copiers


Toshiba embarks on
coast-to-coast roll out of tesseract's service centre.
and Air conditioning
Artic Building Services
Tesseract's Service Centre
management system is a
breath of fresh air for Artic.
and Forecourt

Tesseract releases the pressure of Karcher's expanded service operations!
and Machine Tools
Ficep uses Tesseract's software for global service excellence!
and Pharmaceutical

Tesseract's Service Centre System - The prescription for TDI's service success!
and Vending
Tesseract software helps Merrychef serve up a superb service!
End User


Aqualisa links tesseract service software with digital pens to re-write customer service levels.
Viglen capitalises on tesseract's browser-based service software.
and Fire Protection

Service Centre Software helps Group 4 Technology stay in control.


Key software streamlines communications specialists SCS.
Computer Maintenance
Tesseract delivers consistent results to a surprisingly wide range of industry sectors and business sizes. Join the ever increasing number of companies using our software and you'll find yourself in very good company. Take a look at our case studies to see just a few of the companies already benefiting from our software in your sector.

Case studies in your
industry sector:

Computer Maintenance

Cara uses service centre’s Internet functionality to hoist customer service levels.

The Cara Group, Ireland’s leading indigenous provider of technology solutions, is using the Internet to hoist customer care levels to new heights.

At the heart of the company’s customer care operation based in Dublin is Tesseract’s Windows-based Service Centre service management system. Cara describes this easy-to-use browser-based system as indispensable in handling the 30,000 calls received each year from the 3,000 or so customer sites throughout the Republic and Northern Ireland.

The system also manages and controls the activities, as well as the inherent spare parts logistics requirements, of the company’s nationwide team of 60 field engineers.

Reflecting how increased product reliability has transformed the way in which both service providers and their customers approach IT support, Cara’s Customer Service Manager Frank Donaghy says the current economic climate has really emphasised how the customer is king – and that customers know it!

The Cara Group today offers several main strands of service - security, storage, networking, enterprise systems, professional services and managed support services.
Its impressive customer list includes a number of public sector organisations as well as financial institutions.
However, it was the installation of the Windows-based version of Service Centre that spurred the use of the Internet, initially for customer self-help reasons, as Frank Donaghy recalls: “Aside from the fact that certain customers like the simplicity of using email to log calls and the Internet to access call details and to check progress, they also like the ‘freedom’ of 24x7 access to Cara’s service desk. It is so much simpler for them to use an email to log a call ‘after hours’ - even though we have processes in place to offer round-the-clock service response.”

“From our point of view, too, email helps streamline the call management sequence; when we receive an email service request, we simply send a reply email stating the message has been received and that we are acting on it, then we transfer the call details into Service Centre.”

Acknowledging that being able to streamline service response also depends on the availability of timely information about every service call, Cara now has plans to utilise Service Centre’s Remote Engineer Access module to gain real-time information from the field engineers. Currently receiving and closing calls using mobile phones, it is planned that the field team will use a mixture of Nokia 9110s or PDAs for their Internet-based communications with the Dublin call centre.



Proven Service Solutions for Computer Maintenance Companies


Cara Case Study

Cara | Case Study
Service Centre 5 advantages for the...

IT Manager

Financial Controller



Logistics Manager

Service Manager

A host of benefits accross the whole board.

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