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Field service management software in the cloud

Tesseract have embraced the demand for SaaS with the latest generation of it's service management software.

On-demand licensing
At the heart of our business model is a low-cost pricing policy that benefits small and large scale organisations alike. On-demand licensing enables our software to become a variable expense, rather than a fixed cost at the time of purchase.

Information can be backed up through utilisation of Tesseract's fully hosted service; therefore reducing risk and benefiting from Tesseract's 'Disaster Recovery Plan'.

Tesseract's service management software is used in 25 countries. With over 350 installations empowering in excess of 6,500 individual users worldwide.

Take a look at our case studies to see just a few of the companies already using our service management software in your sector.

Take a full 'no obligation' guided tour of all the latest features of our software. Simply complete our 'Demo Registration form' and we'll arrange a time that suits you.
Listen to MD Colin Brown interviewed by Field Service News
Great support!
Our support team are there to help, and with training options to suit, Tesseract's support for both Users and System Administrators is second to none.
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Tesseract Service Management Software. Our unique field service management system that streamlines stock control, remote engineer access, call handling and service control. True SaaS. A web-based application, a field service software that delivers powerful management to companies field service systems and operations.
Colin Brown Interview
Tesseract Managing Director Colin Brown Talks about Service Centre at SME Expo 2014.
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